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Chicago critical mass & hurricane katrina

Back in the 1950s, my uncle moved to New Orleans. As a vicitm of Polio he decided to go there because the icy streets of the North had become treacherous. He fell in love with a good Cajun women in the French Quarter, married her, and together, they produced my ten cousins!

Last year, their house across the street from the 14th Street Levee was completely destroyed in the flooding. They and the cousins who still lived in New Orleans sought refuge with their brothers and sisters living elsewhere in the South and East.

Next Friday, the Chicago Critical Mass will commemorate the first anniverserary of Hurricane Katrina. Along with riders around around country, Chicagoans will roll the streets to remind everyone that the tragedy in the Gulf continues and a demand that it never be repeated. This initiative is being organized by Rising Tide North America.

They're asking massers to decorate their bikes or pass out flyers calling attention to environmental justice for the Katrina climate refugees.

You can get ideas and other materials at the Rising Tide North America-Critical Mass site.

See y'all there!

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Blogger nu-gin said...

count me in! i'll try to round up some of my harem.

17/8/06 11:56  

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