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Delays, nothing but delays ...

Part II of Street Ballet will be up tomorrow. This morning I gave my buddy, Andy, a hand with getting his boat ready for launch this weekend. We painted the haul below the waterline and epoxyed the hell out of some dry-rot.

Last summer, we went on our own Architecture Tour. It was a fantastic day with incredible blue skies that highlighted the architecture along the Chicago River.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the photos, the really huge edifices were on the boat - Andy, Dave, another buddy, Guy, and me %)

Nora, a neighbor as well as a big supporter of Bicycle Diaries, came on board to provide some desperately needed civility.

Now I'm off to O'Hare Airport to pick up the Japanese, Thai, and Romanian high school students for Youth For Understanding. Back tomorrow with Part II of Street Ballet.



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