Bicycle Diaries: This isn't your typical boy meets girl story

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This isn't your typical boy meets girl story

But it could be your typical roller meets motorist story.

The following photos were taken back in January for Citynoise. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words even in Toronto.

So here's 15,000 words worth.

1,000 words

2,000 words

3,000 words

4,000 words

5,000 words

6,000 words

7,000 words

8,000 words

9,000 words

10,000 words

11,000 words

12,000 words

13,000 words

14,000 words

15,000 words
Speaking of words, The Toronto Star published these photos without the permission of the photographer, a regular contributor to Citynoise. They are reproduced here with his and their kind consent.
And now back to our regularly scheduled internet.


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