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A classic way to roll

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As home offices go, here's a sweet setup: Anthony Grafton, a historian of early modern Europe at Princeton, has one sophisticated information management device on his desk ... and another just behind him:
It's a book wheel, a contraption first made use of by erudite scholars in the late 1500s. Grafton's was built for a museum exhibit on early book culture that he curated, and he decided to hang on to it. It's stocked with Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and even astronomical reference works. Grafton considers himself an intellectual, and yet he only has eight shelves on his reading wheel.
What would rollers put on their reading wheels?
Let me know!

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Blogger Dr. Logan said...

My wheel would have: Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, It's not about the Bike, the Immortal Class, Simple Buddhism, Manufacturing Consent, a couple six packs, my macbook (for looking at fixedgeargallery and blogging), and some hummus and pita bread. I'd never have to leave the wheel.

4/5/07 10:58  

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