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Got gas?

US vs. the world

Thanks to
The Economist & the CIA

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Blogger Fritz said...

Ha, we use more than the rest of the world combined. WE'RE NUMBER 1!

11/8/07 00:52  
Blogger Ridwan said...

And South Africa is number 30 in the world. Geez. Now I am really sad.

South Africa uses twice the oil that Norway does!


All that development we are seeking in South Africa is about cars and plastic. Why am I surprised?

Bangladesh has three times as many people as South Africa and they use 1/5 of what South Africa uses.

I am not sad anymore. Depressed is more like it.

Maybe it is time to start that bicycle coop I have been thinking about in Kimberley (Northern Cape).

Be well bro.


12/8/07 20:50  

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