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Some assembly required

This video from the Glass Bead Collective reveals how the NYPD now regulates free assembly while physically infringing upon the free press by following a typical monthly bike ride through Manhattan. It requires a permit for any public gathering, or parade, of 50 people or more. Section 1A of the city ruling defines a parade
as any march, motorcade, caravan, promenade, foot, or bicycle race, or similar event of any kind, procession or race which consists of a recognizable group of 50 or more pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, or other devices move by human power, or ridden or herded animals proceeding together upon any public street or roadway.
The redefinition is explicitly prohibited in 1st Amendment:
Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble ...
On 18 April 18 2007, a federal court upheld the law. The court ruled that large groups will still have to secure parade permits for preset routes to allow police to manage traffic problems. The ruling came after members of NYC massers filed a federal lawsuit alleging their constitutional rights had been violated by the law in February of this year.

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