Bicycle Diaries: Today is <i>World Car Free Day</i> ... but not in <i>The City of Big Shoulders</i>

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Today is World Car Free Day ... but not in The City of Big Shoulders

The folks in Portland surely are stoked. Here's a little of their inspiration for us flatlanders. John Bacone's Night Falls is a short film of the triumphant struggle against cagers.

You should also check out the imaginative Park(ing) Day activities in San Francisco that happened yesterday.
[This is my first attempt to embed a YouTube video. If it works you can expect more ... well it must or you wouldn't be watching it right now.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, thanks for the pics -- I **LOVE** that bike of yours!
Now, of course, I have to come out to Chi-town and catch a critical-mass to see what you mean. We have one here , but it's pretty small-scale.

anyhoo -- I'll get your stuff up on the site this weekend --- in the process of rebuilding a lot of the pages, so it has been a while since I've been able to reply -- thanks for submitting!

c'D :)

23/9/06 15:17  

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