Bicycle Diaries: Two ghost bike installations

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Two ghost bike installations

This video comes from a Ghost Bike installation back in January 2006 during the monthly Chicago Critical Mass. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the two Ghost Bike installations last night. The following is from their yahoo group.
Last night two ghost bikes for slain cyclists were installed near where they were killed. One bike is on 2800 Pulaski just north of Diversy for George Chavez. The other is on the 4600 West of Madison for Chris. Now five ghost bikes have been placed in Chicago in about eight months. However, the ghost bike placed at Rockwell and North Avenues is gone.

Anyone who would like to help with Chicago area ghosts bikes should. No group or organization is in charge of Chicago's ghost bikes. Instead it has been an out growth of Critical Mass and happens in the same way and in the same spirit: when people decide to get together and make it happen. The Yahoo group, ChicagoGhostBikes, helps coordinate our activites, but anyone can just start or call events. We also use a wikipage

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