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I wanna be a b-lista!

Masi Guy's new twist
on the Z-List
...the B-List

Masi Guy started up a bike blog meme back on 5 January 07. He was inspired by his good friend and fellow Alabama blogger, Mack.
... his meme started quite a stir, got a lot of attention and introduced people to some great new blogs they'd never heard of. Mack's meme was built around the community of marketing blogs, but the idea is totally portable and applicable to any and all niches.
In honor of the original meme (posted about in his other blog), Masi Guy is spinning this off for the bike nerd crowd. The original title was the Z-List, as an affront to the so-called A-List of blogs/ bloggers. The community is all about bicycles, so he's calling this the B-List. He explains:
I post my list of bike blogs that I like and read and then you cut and paste the list onto your blog and add the sites that you like and read. Then anybody who reads the list does the same and a great viral meme is born, creating lots of exposure to the blogs on the lists and giving people a new set of blogs to read that they might not have known anything about. It's a great way to build and foster community among our peer group of cycling bloggers... and it's also a lot of fun and brings people together for a big virtual hug.
Here's his initial list...
Bicycle Design
Bike Portland
Bitch Kitty's Scratching Post
Cornerstone Life
Crooked Cog Network (main page for a series of great reads)
Crooked Cog Podcast (I was the first interview, by the way...)
Dave's Bike Blog
First And Last And Always
Go Clipless
Guitar Ted Productions
Interbike Times
Ladyvelo (maybe this will get her to update her blog...)
Missing Saddle
Panther City Blog
Professional Bicycle Support
Blue Squirrel (my best friend... so go easy on him...)
Skibbysez; Shut Up and Ride!
Smithers Minneapolis
Super Rookie's World
Surly Blog
The Canari Blog (go comment and tell them to update the thing...)
The Life and Times at SockGuy
Tidbits and More
Ugly Bike
And mine...
Bicycles & Icicles
Bike Refugee
The Chronicles of UffdaDave
Cyclebebe's Wheel Revolution
The Cycling Dude
Ira's Bicycle Musings
Johan Mörén's BikeLog
Keith Gates's CommuterDude
Large Fella on a Bike
Martino's Bike Lane Diary
Sanktjohanser's 32 Spokes
Snakebite's Life Bikin'
The Squeaky Cyclist's Bicycle Musings
Tuco's The story of a bike & a stubborn cyclist
Vernon's BIKEsutra
Windy City Biker
Wrench in the Gears
A number of bike bloggers have already joined in so Masi Guy urges everyone to get rolling!

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Blogger James said...

I think the B-list is a great idea. You added a few good links that are new to me.

9/1/07 06:49  
Blogger Fritz said...

Gundog99 is another I failed to list -- great guy!

9/1/07 11:51  
Blogger Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Thank you for keeping this alive! (Though I wish you'd used a picture where I actually look good... HA!)

Yes, I do hope this gets some people reading some blogs they might have otherwise never known about.

9/1/07 18:43  
Anonymous Kiril, The Cycling Dude said...

Thanks for giving me the heads up!

I've been pedalling around collecting links to other B-Lists for an update to my own post. ;-D

14/1/07 09:32  
Anonymous gundog99 said...

Wow! I feel honored to be Blisted. Sorry to say, my blog has since died. It's time was up and it was time to move on. Who knows maybe there'll be more from the gundog99 in the future.

23/1/07 15:10  
Blogger Da' Square Wheelman, said...

Sorry to hear that gundog99. I look forward to your return!

23/1/07 15:52  

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