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We finally got some real snow last night: around eight inches of fine powder blown about by 20 mph winds. Anytime there's more than 2 inches folks get together for an impromptu ride to celebrate. It's a great way to beat cabin fever especially if you've been as busy as I've been for the last couple of weeks with the new job.

Also, I've been working on some logos for two local bike groups. The logo above is where I started for the College of Cycling at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The one below is what we finally settled on. It uses a fairly close approximation of the UIC colors.

The second bike group I'm working with is the Midnight Marauders. It hosts a midnight ride once every month. I came up with the two options below using viking themes.

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Blogger Fritz said...

Nice work on those logos.

Those "snap" previews are clever and kind of cool exactly one time, and then they're really annoying. I mouse over anything with a link -- including your images and even the "post a comment" text -- and I get the preview box.

14/2/07 14:19  

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