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Are you jonesin'?

too young to be a boomer
too old to be an Xer

According to Hotel@nyware,
We are the greatest and largest generation in US history, born between 1954 and 1965. Our 53 million members constitute more than 1out of 4 adults living in America today. We are the Mission Critical Mass in the Holy Grail for mind share, eye balls and attention. We weren't the lost generation, just the invisable THEY - anonymous no one.

If you know that the first video that aired on MTV was the
Buggles's Video Killed the Radio Star, you are a card carrying member of Generation Mr Edward/ Ms.Bridget Jones fan club. We the slacker Jonzers, who waited in vain for our turn to change the world, now get to pick up the slack for Uncle Sam's post 9 11 angst, and rock the boat on these issues --- a war on terror, global warming, immigration, energy, technology and globalization.
So how jonesin' are you? Take the test. Answers below.
1. The classic mall of Jonesers 1980s culture — first made famous as the epicenter of “Valley Girls,” then featured in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High — shut down in 1999. What was its name?

2. The Big Three of our mid-1980's music culture were all born in 1958. Name them.

3. One song overwhelmingly ended the most high school dances across America in the 70's. Name that tune.

4. What did Joneser Brooke Shields have between her and her Calvins?

5. Yeah, Jonesers were the “Sweathogs” of Welcome Back Kotter. How many do you remember?

6. What rumor about Mikey (from Life cereal adds) fizzed among Jonesers in the 1970s?

7. We were the first generation of kids with video games. What was the beloved original?

8. A Joneser played the title role in the made-for-TV movie, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble? Who was he?

9. Three movies with ensemble generational casts were released at the same time in the mid-1980s. The Big Chill for Boomers, The Breakfast Club for Xers. Which one for Jonesers?

10. Which actress in what movie inspired the “torn sweatshirt/bare shoulder/leg warmer” look among Jonesers in the 1980s?
1. The Galleria.

2. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince.

3. “Stairway to Heaven.”

4. “Nothing”

5. Barbarino, Epstein, Boom-Boom, Horshack.

6. He supposedly died from drinking soda with Pop Rocks.

7. Pong.

8. John Travolta.

9. St. Elmo's Fire

10. Jennifer Beals, Flashdance.

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Thanks for the trafic!

Ed at Hotel @nyware.

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