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Robin Hood is back


Blogger Matt said...

I like the Kleen Kanteen water bottles, once I got over the disappointment of discovering they weren't thermoses. I used Simichrome polish to get the name off them. I bought this especially from a bicycle shop for just this purpose only to discover that my wife uses it for the church's handbells. Oh well. They can be a bit rattly in the cage, though.

4/6/07 09:56  
Blogger Alan said...

That's a fine looking bike, Garth. I am pleased I was able to ride on the Pepin Tour this year. Since riding on the tour my thoughts are toward next year's ride. It is a beautiful day in Minnesota; I wish I were riding now as I know exactly which coffee shop I would be riding toward, book tucked safely in my bag waiting to be opened. A cup of dark roast, a pastry and a good book are hard to beat. Perhaps on Saturday. At the moment it seems like a lifetime away.

5/6/07 10:11  

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