Bicycle Diaries: The Sadie Hawkins Day Race/Style Ride

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The Sadie Hawkins Day Race/Style Ride

tonight at 6pm
at Humboldt Park!

It's a on-street, in-traffic, point-to-point bike adventure for couples or pairs. At registration you're given a list of places to pick things up and where to drop them off, and you get to ride around the city doing cool stuff. The ride is less than 20 miles long if you do the whole thing, but if you'd like a shorter ride, that's ok, just skip some stuff. If you skip, you'll still qualify for the style and best dressed prizes, but not the fast people prizes.

There are prizes for the fastest couple, fastest tandem team, fastest out of towners, best dressed, and more. (Tandems are optional but highly encouraged!)

After the ride, we finish at a party with great jams and supercheap beer ($1 for the first beer, $.25 for every one after that.) We're also raffling off a bike paint job ($1 per ticket).

The whole event's a fundraiser for the Chicago Women's Health Center.

Because we're on the street, we strongly encourage riders to wear helmets and have visible lights on their bikes. Bring a pen and something to lock your bike with. Dress it up, have some fun, see ya there!

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Anonymous Will said...

Sounds like fun.

Why so expensive for the Single Men?

11/11/07 11:40  
Blogger Da' Square Wheelman, said...

I think it's a rather capitalistic incentive to bring the sexes together %)

BTW - It was FANTASTIC!!!!

11/11/07 11:57  

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