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Yet another bike film

Today's temp: 27°F
Windchill: 17°F
Tomorrow: Snow

Can Spring
be all
far behind?

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Anonymous Karl On Sea said...

Seen it before, but still love it. This is just a beautifully put together film - the edits and cuts are just perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Top tip for winter cycling - dress as if for skiing. If you can stay off the ice & upright, it makes for a surprisingly pleasant, and mostly sweat-free experience.

Happy Christmas,

24/12/07 16:24  
Blogger Da' Square Wheelman, said...

My personal favorite is a combination of a Norfolk leather jacket - hey, motorcyclists wear it - that cuts the wind & Cabela hunting long-johns. No bulk and toasty warm %)

25/12/07 11:09  

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