Bicycle Diaries: Bikewinter, 1896

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Bikewinter, 1896

it was 112 years
ago today

On 4 January, The New York Times reports:
Chicago welcomed its second annual bicycle show with a northwest blizzard, and the mercury 10 below zero. The show opened with a rush, 10,000 persons paying their half dollar to see the wheels.
10,000 people braving 10 below temps? It makes me think that we winter massers with our pocket warmers and our high tech clothes are a bunch of wimps.

Shakespearean actress and sometimes columnist, Cora Urquhart Potter, then goes on to describe why women should ride.
The first is that it give one the gratification of being one's own master or mistress; another is the simplicity of exercise, while the third is the fact, to which all riders can testify, that it improves the physical health, thus benefiting us mentally and morally.

Seven years later her husband, John Brown Potter, divorces the vocal proponent of bloomers for willful desertion ... yeah, no shit: you go girl!

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