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Kweenkong, over at The South Side Star, ran an impromptu caption contest for this picture of a young Barack on his trike. Among all the submissions my odds on favorite has to be,
Blue shirt - check!
Blue shorts - check!
Blue tricycle - check!
Blue states - check!
If you hadn't noticed, Obama is my odds on favorite for our next president. He's no stranger to the streets as his 2004 autobiography shows. And for the last few months the bike-o-sphere has been highlighting his support for bike advocacy.

Chris, who blogs at Trailtapes, wrote Obama asking his support for Senate Bill 858: the Bicycle Commuters Benefits Act of 2007. It's an amendment to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 that would extend the transportation fringe benefit to bike commuters. A similar tax exemption is currently underway in the UK.

Obama's reply includes:
The benefits of commuting by bicycle is almost an endless list — reducing harmful emissions, reducing congestion, reducing petroleum consumption, promoting personal health — but our public policies have evolved to where smart and sustainable transportation uses are discouraged.

Roads are designed without pedestrian or bike paths, office and shopping parks are designed around the automobile, and even the best transit systems may be incompatible with bike use. It is time to revisit all federal policies to better accommodate the energy and environmental health priorities of the 21st century.

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Blogger Adam Durand said...

Stop it, you're giving me an Obama crush!

9/2/08 21:30  
Blogger Da' Square Wheelman, said...

Indeed! At 45+, I feel it's the first time in my Democratic political life that there's been a candidate I not only admire but has a good shot at winning %-{>

10/2/08 13:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We really like what you're saying here, and would like to refer you to a massive bicycle rally we're planning, starting with a 2-day trip in April supporting Obama. Check out - we're going to link to your site from there. Would you mind returning the favor? --Aaron & Francis

12/2/08 16:12  

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