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Snow bike five

it's about quality
not quantity

All it takes is 2 inches of snow,
5 hardy fools to roll the streets,
and a pub called The Handlebar.

That's exactly what happened
last night here in The Windy City.

A steady snow had started around 8am.

Though not actually heavy
it was steady until after midnight.

So by the start of the ride, around 9pm,
there were 6 inches.

And when we ended up in Logan Square,
'round midnight, we had more than a foot!

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Blogger SD_pedalpower said...

Looks like that would be a tough ride back home. Did you end up calling cabs?

2/2/08 17:59  
Blogger Da' Square Wheelman, said...

No cabs even though I had quite the spill on my way to The Handlebar %( My right leg has been stiff all weekend. I think I tore the ligaments behind the knee...

3/2/08 11:52  

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