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Sexing up your ride

w/happy feet

Here's one way to sex-up your ride. It might even be useful in those heavy snow areas like here in The Windy City.

Or if you're not very krafty, then you can get these Windride Bicycle Clips from The Conran Shop:
This clever and stylish pair of bicycle clips with its 'wing' design by Gijs Bakker is designed to be worn when one's pants are in danger of being caught by a bike chain, etc. The bicycle clips are made from reflective PVC material.

Gijs Bakker was born in 1942 and studied industrial design and jewellery in Amsterdam and Stockholm. As a designer, he worked for companies such as: Polaroid, Hema, van Kempen en Begeer and Artifort. Gijs Bakker has been a teacher at the prestigious Design Academy of Eindhoven for over 20 years and in 1993, he created with Renny Ramakers the famous collective Droog Design, where he is still the co-operational and artistic director.

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