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Will Al be rolling?

or just rallying?

Tonight all across the country and the world bikers will be gathering for their local critical mass. Some will be old-timers; others newbies. In The Big Apple, Al Sharpton will certainly be the most (in)famous newbie. PPOLNews reports:
...cyclists will come together with Reverend Al Sharpton, Nicole Paultre-Bell, civil rights attorney Norman Siegel and others in the community outraged over the NYPD's attack on civil rights, for a pre-Critical Mass rally.

The rally, organized by Freewheels, will draw attention to the common pattern of NYPD harassment experienced by diverse groups of law-abiding citizens. Mr. Sharpton and Ms. Paultre-Bell are expected to join the Critical Mass ride in a pedicab following the rally.
Now with Obama considering a visit to Iraq, perhaps we could get him to roll/rally with us in The City of Big Shoulders before he leaves???

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