Bicycle Diaries: The urban assualt on Chi-town

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The urban assualt on Chi-town

this September 28th

This event is New Belgium's funky bike scavenger hunt, involving street-smart riding, obstacle courses, and a huge after party. Mental muscle is just as important as bike skills as teams of 2 choose their own course to checkpoints around the city.

They've received a ton of requests to bring the UAR to the City of Big Shoulders...and here they come! It's a BIG city and it's about time for bikes to descend in force. With all the traffic and people, bikes are a great way to get around. They have a SWEET start/finish venue - right next to Wrigley Field. They'll bring the beer, obstacle courses, and big wheels. You come ready for the best time ever on two wheels. Registration is $45 with proceeds going to West Town Bikes.

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