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What's better than a slinky
& saves you $$$?

back to school
w/Halle Miroglotta

Over at the Loyola University Examiner, the sociology student and activist is starting a series of articles to honor the final month of Bike Chicago 2008. Her articles will focus on local bike shops, Chicago Critical Mass, and the new Loyola University Bike Initiative. She also has a few tips for would-be bikers.
1.Stay visable- the law requires you to have a front headlight. And, while not required, rear blinking lights are a great way to increase your visability and safety.

2. Obey the rules of the road. Bikes are vehicles- you are required to stop at stop signs, obey traffic patterns, and yield to pedestrians.

3. This is a given- wear a helmet!

4. Know your bike- regularly check your air pressure, brakes, and chain in order to ensure the safest possible ride.

5. Know your rights- motorists are required to pass with at least three feet of room.

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