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The romance & ritual of velopunk is spreading. The {Old Bike Blog} launched in July last year. It came to my attention when it's author, Thom, commented on my 1st velopunk post last week. And later in August, over at wordpress, he launched another velopunk blog, The Cycling Gentleman. The main difference between the two is that {Old Bike Blog} extols the virtues of DIY; essentially the idea that old bikes are just as good (and often better) than the brand new ones. By comparison, his other blog celebrate men’s cycling style & bicycle culture.

In his own words:
Back in the day, a fellow would jump on his bicycle in his daily clothes and pedal off on an errand to the grocery, a visit to the barber, or a jaunt to the country. When gentlemen dressed for cycling, it wasn't in Spandex, but in trousers, jackets, and caps. This made cycling not only practical for transportation, but also quite stylish. This blog promotes a return to this sense of style for The Cycling Gentleman.

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Blogger Thom said...

Hey, thanks for the bike/blog love! I don't know if I'm willing to claim the velopunk mantle just yet, though. I'm just a doofus with a wrench and some rolled-up trousers who believes everyone should be able to fix up an old bike and take it for a ride in whatever clothes they happen to be wearing.

12/9/08 09:55  

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