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Dashing Tweeds

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The BoyOnTheBicycle turned me on to a new velopunkish venture, Dashing Tweeds. It's Britain’s latest tweed textile company, offering classic quality clothing, created from a range of tweeds for the 21st century. Designed by photographer & biker, Guy Hills, and tweed weaver, Kirsty McDougall, the aim is to re-fashion tweed for our time. They first came together a few years back to develop a new fabric called Lumatwill. The fabric incorporates thin strips of 3M reflective yarn making it highly reflective, providing safety and dazzling effects for the wearer. Since Lumatwill incorporates Teflon, it is also completely waterproof. The wool makes it warm, breathable, and stylish.

Now they have have ready to wear garments as well as fabric for bespoke items. The Scooter Coat, designed by cutter Russell Howarth is based on the Household Cavalry greatcoat. The Scooter Coat is stylish and warm in the daytime and, at night, reflective and water repellent, providing a safe and elegant coat perfectly suited to the requirements of today’s urban environment. They also have the stylish capes for men and women created by award winning designers, and made on Savile Row.

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Anonymous theboy said...

Thanks for the mention.

The reflective aspect of the new tweed garments is interesting. At first I was rather put off, because it seemed too untraditional.

Yet, if wasn't the original attraction of tweed that it allowed one to feel comfortable outdoors where the major obstacles were damp and cold. These days the challenge of not getting run over is also a major challenge - one that's addressed by adding reflective fibers to the mix. So, the reflective element instead of being untraditional actually carries out the traditional purpose of tweed.

So, if anyone wants to send me a $600 cape, I can now accept it without reservations.

15/10/08 13:34  

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