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Finding your way...

before GPS

It isn't a funky wristwatch. Nor is it some odd, mod version of תפילין, ‎the tefllin worn by Orthodox Jews, with conveniently interchangeable Torah scrolls. Nope, it's The Plus Fours Route Finder, a nifty little map device for the discerning cager of the 1920s. Imagine the convenience. Meant to be worn on your wrist, it contains paper maps mounted on a set tiny wooden rollers. Simply turn them as you whiz down along. It even shows your mileage.

I imagine that the inventor sought to avoid the hassle of periodic stops to check your regular-sized map or possibly to reduce the risk of loosing it during the occasional Force 8 British gale. Unfortunately this nifty, little device never took off. Perhaps they should've marketed it to gentleman cyclists?

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