Bicycle Diaries: Bike decline? Part II

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Bike decline? Part II

one biker
who dared!

The NYTimes editorial I posted yesterday caused quite a furor amongst bikers in 1928. The paper's editors received an avalanche of letters in the following days, several of which were published on 10 May. I'm posting one that was penned by P.H., a self-described middle-aged woman from Greenwich, CT. Rather than berating the editors for their uncritical embrace of cager culture, she offers a well-reasoned answer to their question, "What adult dares to ride a bicycle on the highways unless he is a mechanic going to work in overalls?" Note also that she subtly reminds them that not all bikers are men, a surprisingly modern feminist rejoinder for the time.


...and here
is the full editorial from yesterday's post.

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