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The snowman cometh...

on winter cycling

While I was on vacation last week in Ohio, Bikewinter got off to a wonderful start both there and here in The Windy City. Unfortunately, while my hosts have plenty of bikes, their rural location lacks easy access to the appropriate bike lanes. So all I could do was dream and scheme in anticipation of my return yesterday. Although I did find The History of Sports in Britain, 1880 - 1914 edited by Martin Polley. Polley chose articles from a wide range of journals including Blackwood's Magazine, Nineteenth Century, Fortnightly Review, and Contemporary Review. The result was five volumes that reveal the evolution of middle-class attitudes towards sports in general. He covered specific topics such as sports and education, commercial and financial aspects, sports and animals, the globalization of sports through empire-building, as well as this celebrating winter biking...

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Anonymous theboy said...

"Butterfly" bikers. I like it.

3/12/08 23:04  
Blogger bother yam said...

Power, mental or physical, is a very keen source of pleasure

That is a very interesting idea. As I was locking my bike up yesterday, someone was walking into the office building. She stopped and asked why I ride in the winter.

"Because I can" was my reply.

4/12/08 10:11  
Blogger Da' Square Wheelman, said...

When I first read this it brought to mind Thomas Paine in 1778:

These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will ... shrink ...

For some reason I am far less enthused about this winter than in the past.

4/12/08 11:52  

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