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Why wait for your city or town to install bike lanes? Altitude, Inc., a product innovation firm outside Boston, offers a nifty, high-tech idea for bikers to do it themselves. Using lasers mounted under the saddle, LightLane casts a virtual bike lane providing cagers with a clear boundary that should be easy for them to avoid. I said ... should.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Technically imaginative, but potentially very harmful. This “virtual bike lane” would imply that there is a full car lane to the left (or right) of the cyclist. A car trying to maneuver with a good understanding of bike lanes could create a very dangerous situation with traffic either oncoming or in the same direction. Also it would look completely incomprehensible with riders 2 abreast or one rider passing another.

16/1/09 20:54  
Anonymous Bicycle Parts said...

Great tips!
You should try this to get more safety

17/1/09 18:27  

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