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False spring continues...

with its
ups and downs

Living in The Windy City is a lot like having a difficult lover. It takes a whole lot of patience. Every upside - miles and miles of lakefront - has its downside - 1000s of bikers & peds on the Lakeshore Path. Bikewinter is also a good example, particularly when there's a False Spring like the one we're getting now. So here's my own personal compilation of the up ... and downs ... to our amazing 60+ degree weather today.
The upside -
It stops snowing

The downside?
It starts raining.

The upside -
Bike shorts weather!

The downside?
Now where the hell
did I put them last fall?

The upside -
The sun on newly exposed pale, skin

The downside?
Neon Lycra-clad
guts & buts all around you

The upside -
There’s a warm breeze
blowing steadily out of the south.

The downside?
My daily commute downtown
goes 8 miles due south
The upside -
I can see, hear, and feel
the world around me again.

The downside?
How long has my
rear SA hub been making
THAT sound?

The upside -
No more snow & ice in the bike lanes.

The downside?
...just lots of
pot holes, piles of pebbles,
and small, sharp pieces of glass

The upside -
The young ladies switch
to less bulky coats & shorter skirts.

The downside?
There ain't no downside!

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