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Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot!!!

yet again...

Back in February the new voice of the Republican Party bloviated over a proposed Madison, WI ordinance that would impose a $100 penalty for cagers opening their car doors unsafely or interfering with traffic and $50 for leaving them open longer than necessary.
Frankly, if the door opens into a bicycle rider I won't care. I think they ought to be off the streets and on the sidewalk. Don't misunderstand here, you bike riders, do not misunderstand this, but I mean if you're going to get in the street, get over there, get over as far right in the lane as you can. You ought to see Saturday morning where I live. It looks like a swarm of mosquitoes. It causes you to take an alternate route. And so now poor bike riders, some old codger opens the car door, bam! The bike rider does a head flip over the door. I haven't seen that. Now they want to fine you for not only opening the door, you don't close it soon enough, you get a $50 fine in Madison, Wisconsin. (laughing)

Perhaps, Rush should get off the drugs and get on a bike? Then he just might join Jim Morrison!

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Blogger The Jolly Crank said...

The Jackass goes on to say "...and now the streets are for bike riders...we automobile drivers...have to give way, have to yield to everybody who the streets are not designed for."
Listen, you over-fed bag of appetites, the streets were for bike riders before there were cars! Before there were even really streets! Rush is a perfect example of the loudmouthed conservative (often found with a microphone): equal parts ignorance and arrogance and a fat dose of a sense of entitlement.

7/3/09 09:46  

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