Bicycle Diaries: Like taking bread to the top of the world

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Like taking bread to the top of the world

twas' a grand ride
back though

Hovis Bread has been providing Brits with wholesome sustenance for over 120 years. But its iconic status owes more to its nostalgic commercials than to it's wholemeal breads. This example from 1973, directed by Ridley Scott, became an instant classic and was voted Britain's favorite commercial of all time. What could be more velopunk than a baker's apprentice pushing his delivery bike up a cobbled hill in Dorset? Hovis, by the way, also sponsors the annual London Freewheel,
a 14km central London route will be made traffic-free allowing thousands of riders to take over the streets and enjoy the capital’s most iconic sights including the London Eye, Victoria Embankment, Westminster and St Paul’s Cathedral and the Mall.

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