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Google streeview rocks

...and rolls!

One of the amazing things we saw on our inaugural Winston's Tweed Ride was the Google Car. I wish I had noted the location. Then I could see if we made it on Google Streetview. Be that as it may, I was fascinating to read that they've been experimenting with a human-powered alternative. This Google Bike prowls pedestrian-only areas, mostly on university campuses, as well as public parks, theme parks, and hiking/biking trails. The 250-pound vehicle, which resembles the pedicabs that carry tourists around The City of Big Shoulders and other cities.

The would-be mapmaker pumps the pedals up front, with the camera mounted on a tower in the back. On the rear is a red generator along with a large white chest that looks like it might dispense ice cream but actually contains the computer recording the digital images. Riding for Google maps must a pretty sweet job. Though you do have to pedal heavy photography equipment around.

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