Bicycle Diaries: Tweed hits the big time!

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Tweed hits the big time!

and in a paper
of note, no less...

The NYTimes mentions Beer, Bicycles, and Brits, though I wouldn't call us the New Victorians.
This flamboyance is part of a curious new movement called Tweed Rides, informal gatherings of spiffily dressed ladies and gents cycling leisurely through town and disdaining finish lines. Tweed Rides began in London earlier this year and have spread this fall to Boston, San Francisco and Chicago. As the directions for this weekend’s Tweed Ride in Washington, D.C., put it: “Leave the fleece, Lycra and outer shell at home. This ride is for the dandy.”

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Anonymous Ed Sailland said...

I'm afraid it all seems a bit twee to me. But then I'm a Lycra lout, so what would I know? (Comfort, that's what. Not to mention efficiency. AND I can wash my kit in cold water in the sink. No need to pay a dry-cleaner or ply an iron.)

Form follows function, eh?

15/11/09 14:14  

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