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A brief hiatus

It's taking me longer than expected to write You are what you think, the final essay on bicycles, books, and thinking. While I'm still noodling, may I suggest Annie Londonderry, a website about the first woman to roll around the planet in 1894.

Then check out Thomas A. Edison's short film of some fancy rolling from around the same time.

And here are some nifty bike stats from Howard. Just click it to enlarge.

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Blogger gwadzilla said...

great collection of information

I need to look more deeply into that image

and that Edison image
reminds me of a photo I saw of Edison's friend Henry Ford with a bicycle
the caption read
Henry Ford rode his bike to work

in that same era some guy
maybe Firestone had a son who rode bikes
he had a tire company
which lead him to develop bicycle tires that his son could race on

it is funny how all these people were friends

less people
less rich people
less people who could afford to travel
lots more of cross rich people interaction

27/12/06 21:35  

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