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Back in the saddle

Today is my first working in the new office. The last time I worked in the loop was early 2003 when I was with The Great Books Foundation. In fact, my building is just around the corner from the one that houses GBF. It's an easy 7 mile commute down Lincoln to Wells and east on Lake. Not bad ... and the distance will surely help maintain my girlish figure.

It's also good to be making a regular paycheck again! I started looking around for those bike accessories I couldn't afford over the last year. What I found was this sweet ride from Koga Miyata: the Spyker Aeroblade. Philip Gomes posted about it last week on Spinopsys.

My new pay-scale is good but not good enough to afford the Spyker's 12,5000 Euro price-tag. I guess I'll have to settle for these crank-themed sunglasses instead...

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