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Y'all have probably noticed that there hasn't been much original content in my posts over the last few weeks. My new NGO job has dominated much of my waking hours; what with finding a new office, making contact with other youth-focused environmental organizations, and beginning the process of hiring staff.

And to celebrate my employment and the influx of bucks into my bank account I just bought a 13 inch MacBook. It's fantastic with all the usual bells and whistles. Unfortunately, it's taken me a few days to get used to the new technology. Even though it's close to my old 17 inch G4 there are some significant obstacles incluging updating my graphics software.

Also, I think I must be suffering from a typical blogger's malady: what next? It's not exactly writer's block. Rather it's the challenge of coming up with new ideas each and every day. It makes me wonder how was Warhol so productive. His foundation in NYC owns a warehouse that's packed with boxes each containing his daily production of notes and art?

So I've been dealing with it in two ways. Either I recycle the older posts thinking that new readers may not have seen them. Or I've relied on canned content from the web. What I'm thinking now is that I'll post every few days instead of daily. There's still a lot I want to write on; my drafts folder has at least a dozen ideas.

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