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Winnipeg's Haiku Cross

hey cats bring a theme
compose and ride, memorize
race the course with speed

next sunday, march 11th ... the course has been determined. race will be 45 minutes plus haiku. racers will be responsible for counting their laps and composing their haiku. nobody said this would be easy. mechanical devices to record your haiku while riding; pens, paper, voice recorders etc. are not allowed.
Being on the wrong side of the Canadian Border I won't be able to ride. But the idea of bike haiku is intriguing. I sent my own contribution, Rio-kuruma, to Dave Larsen over at One Gear One Planet. It's the Samurai term for slicing through the middle of two human bodies simultaneously. YIKES!!!!

(Pair of wheels): Samurai wields
Lethal lug-ged steel

He's going to include my humble, if bloody, bhaiku as an honorary entry next Sunday.

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Blogger Fritz said...

ryo kuruma is a sword test in which the tester slices through the hips of a human -- generally a corpse or a condemned criminal. The result of the test indicates how many bodies the sword could slice through, so ryo kuruma itself doesn't mean "two bodies" -- it's an indication of where, not how many.

15/3/07 13:15  

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