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Go Winnipeg!

I love it when a bike blogger up in The Great White North picks Bicycle Diaries for their blog roll. I've always harbored secret ambitions that my modest attempts at blogging would attract the attention of folks outside my own country. First it's a great ego boost. Second, except for grad school and work overseas, I've always lived within 50 miles of the Canadian Border.

Finally, my father's people originally migrated to Canada in the early 18th Century. The story goes that one shady ancestor ran afoul of the law - he didn't pay his debts! To escape he hid the family in a hay wagon that was being ferried across Lake Ontario (to the right). And that, ultimately, is why I'm from Western New York.

I'm paying back the compliment to Dave Larsen by putting his blog, One Gear One Planet, in my blog roll ... and including below the post in which he mentions Bicycle Diaries. It also offers a good list of other interesting blogs for your perusal.

blog cleaning

what would you do?

i should be cleaning owen's room but instead i've been catching up on some blogs. as a result i have updated my links over to the right.

so without further delay let me introduce some cycling blogs.

added the other day as 'blog i dig' is bicycling diaries an eclectic blog from the city with broad shoulders. world beat and urbane.

cycling lyfestyle, because squirrel's got a way of boosting my energy flow.

how to avoid the bummer life , always entertaining and making me laugh.

martino's, keeps me in touch with my home town and relates happenings and ideas that may translate to winnipeg.

and because life ain't all about bikes and because even when riding fixed my mind can wander beyond my bubble there are these places to wander about.

blogmandu, a great compiler of things buddhist in the blogosphere.


urban dharma, a great source of podcasts and teachings in other media.

100 days, a on-line meditation community has been dropped from the list for it is presently defunct.

well owen's room will have to wait for now it is time to ride my bike.
And this.
Friday, March 02, 2007
blog i dig
i often pop in on the bicycle diaries if you don't know this blog please drop in and check it out.

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