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A gentleman cyclist

This weekend I was up in Redwing, MN. I joined the 3speed Lake Pepin Tour with 70 other English bike enthusiasts. It's modeled on bike touring in pre-war England. As the website states,
To gain a better perspective, here is a list of some of the things we leave behind: derailleurs, lycra, target heart rates, SPD, SIS, STI, HRM, XTR, etc. There will be no sprinting, spinning, drafting nor will there be any carbon fiber, drillium or unobtanium. Please note we are not advocating being a retro-grouch or ridicule those with alloy handlebars but instead we are asking you to strip away all you know modern cycling to be and hop aboard your £5 Thrift Store Raleigh and come with.

Leave your lycra & Johnny Rebel competitive spirit at home and instead, bring your sense of adventure. Wear something appropriate for eagle watching or sitting in a café and bring an honest-to-goodness rain cape because, of course, it rains in England. Be prepared to make new friends and be swept away by the scenery. Be prepared to stop here and there to take a photo or complain about your hard saddle or make an entry in your Tourbook. Be prepared to keep in mind it's not the destination you'll remember but the journey.
For a full (and hilarious) description of the tour, check out Jon Sharratt's blog. This tour was Noel Robinson's idea. Jon took on all the organizational aspects and does a great job.

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