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Grand finale for critical mass

no shit,
they're serious

On 5 June 2007 the Chicago Critical Mass Grand Finale Sub-Committee announced that the mass will end on 28 September 2007, its 10th anniversary. There will be no more rides celebrating the joy of biking after that!
The Chicago Critical Mass Daley Plaza rides will celebrate its 10th anniversary in September. In recent years, the Chicago Critical Mass has steadily grown, with summer and fall rides typically attracting thousands of cyclists.

As the rides have grown, some feel that Critical Mass has strayed from its original altruistic roots and has become 'just another big bike-a-thon'. Others have been offended by public drunkenness, nudity, noisy sound systems and ill manners that now are all too common on many mass rides.

Accordingly, many feel that the 10th anniversary ride on September 28, 2007, should be the last Chicago Critical Mass ride-- a grand finale to commemorate the original values on which the ride were based: civility, self reliance, fresh air and fellowship.

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Anonymous theboy said...

This is a joke, right? My mother, son, and I have been planning on riding Chicago's CM in October. We've been trying to get there since my spouse, visiting Chicago with friends, stepped out of a bar into the middle of the ride. She found the ride "exhilarating" and every time we do Denver's she's disappointed.

15/6/07 07:42  
Blogger Da' Square Wheelman, said...

Certainly, certainly ... it's a tragedy that the torch is passing. But who can stop others from taking it up? See you in October %)

15/6/07 09:07  

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