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Cascadian traffic taming

The Sightline Institute (formerly the Northwest Environment Watch) is running a series of articles on bike issues in Cascadia. Founded by Alan Durning in 1993, the think tank's mission is to encourage sustainability in the US states of Alaska, Washington, and Oregon as well as the Canadian province of British Columbia.
Bicycle Shame (Bicycle Neglect #6) Is biking for children and losers?

More of What Bike-friendly Looks Like (Bicycle Neglect #5)
Blue lanes, cage locks, and cyclibraries.

What "Bike Friendly" Looks Like (Bicycle Neglect #4) Is your town?

The Wheel World: Cascadia (Bicycle Neglect #3) Leading (the laggards)!

The Weakest Link (Bicycle Neglect #2) Bike-ifying bridges makes all the difference.

Car-head (Bicycle Neglect #1) How our mindset limits bicycling.

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