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Asta la vista, Karl!

the Rove Presidnecy

With his announced departure from the White House, the Darth Vader of politics exits stage right. Although the timing of Rove's move reflects the many congressional investigations that now have targeted him, his leaving became inevitable last November, when the American electorate shattered Rove's dream of a semi-permanent Republican majority.

Ryan Sager, writing in The New York Sun, puts his legacy for the Republicans best.
The face of the Republican Party ... is the face of a losing party, full of hatred toward immigrants, lust for government subsidies, and the demand that any Republican seeking the office of the presidency acknowledge that he's little more than Jesus Christ's running mate.
For more on the Rove Legacy, check out The Atlantic.

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Anonymous Sneakeasy said...

RE:The face of the Republican Party ... is the face of a losing party, full of hatred toward immigrants.

Sager doesn't know his Behind from a hole in the ground.

THIS Republican's Father was a LEGAL immigrant to this country, and if he had lived to see the sorry state of affairs this country is in due to ILLEGAL ALIENS, both Mexican & Middle Eastern, he'd have had a few choice words to say despite his being a mental patient since 1969 ( Long Story. ).

No Conservative I know has anything against LEGAL Immigrants, who come to this country to contribute, and assimilate into the American Melting Pot.

Okay, can I return to my Bicycling now? ;-D


23/8/07 03:01  

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