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Copenhagen traffic taming

with the Grøn Bølge

A system of linked traffic lights, translated as The Green Wave, literally gives bikers a green light on a 2 km route in the heart of the city ... if they roll along at 20 km per hour. Although most folks don't have speedometers they can adjust their speed using their experience, without electronic interference, and enjoy an uninterrupted ride to and from work.

The Green Wave was initially introduced in Odense, a suburb outside Copenhagen. Project manager Troels Andersen believed bikers' commutes were improved greatly:
The light signals are usually put up for the sake of cars. Therefore many cyclists have to stop a lot of times. If a cyclist adjusts the speed to the green wave, the ride will be more comfortable.

This video clip from Cycling Scotland shows the 12 traffic lights along the route in and out of the city. Before noon, the green wave applies to traffic entering the city; after noon, to bikers leaving. Most of the stretches featuring the Green Wave have 15,000 - 30,000 bikes per day.

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