Bicycle Diaries: Freiburg traffic taming

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Freiburg traffic taming

Die grüne Stadt

Biking is central to Freiburg (im Breisgau)’s transport system. In the last three decades the city’s bike lane network has grown from 29 km to over 500 km in length. The Freiburgers themselves like pointing out that there are three bikes to every two residents. It's an impressive, if somewhat bewildering statistic. Key to the success of the transport network is the way the different modes of transport interconnect so effectively.

For example, the main railway station sports both bus and tram stops, and a range of bikers’s facilities, including 1,000 parking spaces for bikes. The extensive bike lanes and tram-lines, as well as park-and-ride and bike-and-ride initiatives make public transport not only efficient but attractive. Further developments include the new €400 million Breisgau S-Bahn, a fast suburban railway linking Freiburg with nearby towns and villages.

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