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The Battle for Britain's Streets

Me & My Bicycle, a new social network for bikers just launched in London, has posted this BBC One documentary. It aired on Monday, 7 Jan 08. Thanks to Mike Greenville:
Britain is in the grip of an escalating road rage crisis. Filming on some of the UK's most traffic-choked streets, this special investigation exposes just how bad the situation has become; as violence and abuse in the war between motorists, cyclists, wardens and police escalates without any solution in sight.

For decades, the UK's ever-growing number of motorists have been kings of the road; paying tax and fuel duty, they believe the streets belong to them. But now the balance of power is shifting. Increasing numbers of cyclists and pedestrians are demanding, and exercising, equal rights to the road and the anger on each side is mounting.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was good! Thanks for posting. I actually watched the whole thing!


14/1/08 16:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks too for the posting. I take visits to Glasgow/Scotland frequently, and must say that the situation there is as bad as described in the BBC documentary.
A friend of mine in Glasgow whom I send the link replied with this:
One gets the impression that the motorists in the UK seem to have retained a mental status that was en vogue in the 1970s or so ...

Matthias, Munich/Germany

17/1/08 03:22  

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