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...not quite

I was out in Ohio for work most of this week. And while I was gone it seems that we had our own version of Cloverfield a few streets over. Yep, that's one hell of a pothole.

On a more germane note, tonight is the night for our annual Chicago Critical Mass Polka Ride. We're rolling up to Lincoln Square to join the Polkaholics, the Chicago band that plays a high-speed collision of polka and rock 'n roll. Our destination is the Lincoln Square Lanes at 4874 N. Lincoln Avenue.

And temps are expected to hover around a balmy 18 degrees!

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Anonymous Karl On Sea said...

Woa - you had giant flesh eating, city smashing alien beasties too. I thought it was just us.

If you like polkaholics . . . you might also like 'Dead Man's Music byLudes

25/1/08 14:13  

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