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Off the grid?

If you've never seen Strange Maps, you should check it out. The map above was posted on 3 December 07. It shows those cities around the world which are committed to an urban rail system as an alternative form of transportation. It's especially timely since our urban transport system, the CTA, has only 8 days to go before doomsday.
It's the opening page of a new book about the graphic design of subway, metro, underground and U-Bahn system maps and diagrams. Produced in the by now iconic style of Harry Beck’s 1933 London Underground map, the diagram reveals the differing degrees of metro-isation around the world.

Okay, this is a fantasy transit map. But just imagine taking the metro in Vancouver, all the way to Shanghai! With stops in Montréal, Amsterdam, Prague, Kiev and Novosibirsk! Come to think of it: that’s a pretty long stretch to have to sit in a dark tunnel…

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