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Polka ride

critical mass
w/the Polkaholics

Last Friday's mass in The Windy City got off to a chilly start with somewhere around 300 bikers. It wasn't all that cold but cold enough to keep the presence of Chicago's Finest to a minimum. The two bike cops who started out with us peeled off after 30 minutes.

It was also the quickest mass I've been on. Not because of the cold. Rather our goal was to hook up with The Polkaholics. Each January we roll to wherever this punk polka band is playing. This year it was up in my 'hood at the Lincoln Square Lanes, our local bowling alley. What could be better than music that's hot as a grilled kielbasa & crunchy as a potato pancake?

The band even performed a new song about Critical Mass. So we drank, we danced, we sang, and we bowled. PirogiJohn even got into the spirit with his succulent bike attire.

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