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Last week, over in Bath (England), BikeRadar's News Section reported on our penchant for frosty rides:
The Windy City is one of the coldest urban areas in the United States come the snowy season, but that doesn’t seem to stop the city’s keenest cyclists. The lowest temperature on record in Chicago was a bitter – 27 F/ -33C on January 20, 1985, with 36mph wind gusts and wind chills at -93F/ -69C ...

Julie Sherman, former president of Chicago Cycling Club, said: "In winter, sometimes I think you need that motivation that there's going to be a social gathering. Then you think: 'If I can do this now, think what I can do when spring rolls around.'"

One group pledges to meet up at the bike-friendly Handlebar on Chicago’s North Avenue for a “Snow Ride” every time the city gets a dump of two or more inches of snow. This Saturday (Jan 19) the Midnight Marauders, another posse of intrepid cyclists who meet monthly, will hook up late at the Billy Goat bar before heading out into the winter chill ...

And community group West Town Bikes, 2418 W. North will also be offering riders a helping hand this week, with a Winter Cycle Workshop on Saturday. They’ll be telling two-wheelers how to keep their steeds in top condition during the off season, with a tune up and info on how to identify drive train wear, tru a wheel, finishing off with a group ride.

The Chicago Bike Winter group is urging riders not to give up too. It says: “If you've ever thought about how nice it would be to drive less, you can learn how to make your bicycle an all weather, all occasion transportation tool. A bike in motion tends to stay in motion, a bike in a basement tends to stay in the basement - even on the "nice" days.”

To find out more about winter cycling, check out The website’s aimed at Chicagoans, but there are lots of hints for winter cycling, whereever you ride.

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Blogger Ron said...

Holy cow, I cannot believe you guys ride in those temperatures! I bow down to you!

24/1/08 13:47  

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