Bicycle Diaries: Farmers Insurance promotes bikes?

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Farmers Insurance promotes bikes?

you decide...

Last March, Farmers Insurance® launched its new ad campaign, At the Intersection of Needs and Wants. I've seen two commercials that revolve around hapless gentleman who bike because they can't afford both gas and insurance. State Farm® insures more cars than any other company in the U.S. Rather than dissing bikers, why doesn't it insure them as other insurers do in Europe?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first ad is actually from Farmers Insurance, not State Farm ...

4/4/08 08:09  
Blogger reverend dick said...

Why? Well even though we both know that's rhetorical and know the answer already...

Because they are SELLING shi_ to lazyminded lazybodied fatssed sheep.

And, plus it sours me even more to hear the voiceover from that smarmy guy from Can't Buy Me Love. Coincidence?

4/4/08 11:40  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Well, they're several years too late if they really wanted to convince me personally. I was biking to work because I couldn't afford gas and auto insurance long before I had any idea that I ought to feel ashamed about it. Joke's on them, I say.

4/4/08 20:30  

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