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For the clubman w/everything:

The Nat'l Cyclists' Union
Touring Handbook


Don't let your kit go without this handy, helpful tome. It came out two years before the start of WWII. Sixty years later, The Grimsay Press of Glasgow, Scotland has reprinted it! Other than a wonderful window on The Golden Age of British Touring, it's a fantastic resource in restoring your classic steed. There are loads of advertisements from Brooks, Sun Cycles, and Dunlop as well as the lesser known like Stormgard - The Cycling Kit with All the Advantages...

It's also a sociological artefact with lists of Recommended Stopping Places throughout Britain that include bike shops, bike-friendly hostels, Trust Houses, and hotels. Each is provided with a price list covering Bed (single) and breakfast, latter to consist of Bacon and Eggs, Coffee or Tea, Marmalade, Butter and Bread. Plain Tea - Bread, Butter, Tea and Cakes. Dinner - Joint, Two Vegetables, Bread, Sweets and Cheese.

Mmmmmm ... cheese!

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